Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is a great way to easily add your own touch to any space with our selection of smaller profiles. To sustain the LEDs longevity and prevent damage, it is recommended to have proper heat distribution, that is why we offer the same quality of materials, as in our linear fixtures, to provide decorative shapes for our smallest profiles to fit in narrow recessed, surface and corner areas.

The slim profiles can be used in cove lighting applications with a selection of accessories available for hiding the LED light source and providing a consistent illumination throughout the selected area. 

LUZ Series

A slim solution for decorative lighting that is used in surface and recessed applications. These profiles allow for installation in the smallest areas, great for under cabinet lighting.

Length: 1-8ft, long runs
LED: 2700K, 4000K
Lumens: 100 lm/ft
Power: 3 W/ft
Specification Sheets : LUZ  |   LUZ II  |   LUZ III



This series is used in corner applications to allow for 90 degrees of illumination. Centauri is designed for under cabinet lighting, which covers the light source and provides illumination towards the directed surface area.

Length: 1-8ft, long runs
LED: 2700K, 4000K, RGB
Lumens: 200-400 lm/ft
Power: 3-6 W/ft
Specification Sheets : CENTAURI  |   CENTAURI II