The extruded high-grade anodized brushed aluminum housing comes in 8.2ft (2.5m) standard length, available for customization nearly every 3″ for 1-8ft and long runs 8ft+. ARA light source consists of two LED strips with two rows of LEDs each. Diffuser is a snap-in acrylic material with matte finish, distributes light evenly without dotted spots. ARA can be used in a Suspended, Recessed and Surface Mounted applications.


    • Dimensions

    • 2″ x 1 1/4″
    • Type

    • Color

    • 2.7K 3K 4K RGB
    • CRI

    • 90+
    • Lumens

    • 400-810 lm/ft
    • Power

    • 6-12 W/ft


ARA provides proper illumination to match the requirements of general lighting in most applications and is available with white light, RGB and damp location options. Custom angles can be created for Surface Mounted and Recessed settings. Aircraft cable available for Suspended applications, a set of two connections per 8ft.

Specification Sheet